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Pomoca, founded in 1933, is a Swiss manufacturer of ski touring skins and rubber outsoles.   

As the oldest skin manufacturer and leader in the field of ski touring, Pomoca initially revolutionized the market in 1975 with the application of adhesive for skins, followed by the invention of waterproof treatments EverDry in 1985. With its special rubber membrane Safer Skin, invented in 2004, Pomoca continued to set the highest standards in the functionality and performance of ski touring skins.

Pomoca invests strongly in innovative and environmentally responsible technologies, collaborating with partners such as the Polytechnic University of Lausanne (EPFL), the University of Innsbruck (AT), and more than 60 professional athletes. 

Corporate social responsibility is fully integrated in the product innovation, development, and in the company culture. The origin of the mohair wool is taken very seriously, and since January 2020 all production of Pomoca climbing skins is 100% PFC-free. The manufacturer, owned by the Oberalp Group, is thus the first supplier of ski touring skins without environmentally harmful PFCs.

Pomoca is not only skins. Pomoca is Swiss technology to empower your freedom in the mountains with precise, reliable and simple solutions. Since, at the end, what matters is not the technology but your experience in the mountains: "We want to make your heart sing".

As an 85 year-old historical Swiss company, we in Pomoca combine precision and reliability with cutting-edge research, to create new technologies for the outdoor industry.  

Josep Castellet
Brand Manager
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