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LaMunt is the answer to the increasing number of women in mountain sports who are looking for clothing that meets their needs without compromising on functionality. A premium mountain sports apparel by women for women.

These women are diverse, but they have many things in common. Their passion for the mountains is most important for them — not frequency, skill nor speed. They want to express their individuality as women also when being active in the mountains. This is exactly where LaMunt comes in, combining function with aesthetics and an individual touch. The design process takes into account the female body and the perfect fit for it, so that women feel comfortable in all activities.

Therefore, LaMunt develops "smart fit solutions". Together with thoughtful details, the possibility of individualization, and high-quality, sustainable materials, they are intended to meet the needs of women who want to express their personality also through their mountain clothing. LaMunt wants to offer its future customers a mountain experience that allows them to be themselves and feel at ease, while simply being guided by their passion. The LaMunt products will be versatile, and there will be some “magic moments” to discover. 

LaMunt takes the approach "from women for women" to heart and values the input and feedback the team regularly receives from women – as they invite them to contribute in a critical and proactive way in the product experience.

LaMunt is dedicated to confident and self-conscious women. We want to encourage women to live mountains as a unique place for inspiration and their mindful me-time. We aim to provide them with the most suitable apparel to enjoy them in their own way.


We want to express with LaMunt the new, female perspective of the mountains. We express this in our product design by combining functionality with aesthetics and developing "smart fit solutions”.

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