Sustainability is a choice we invest in, because we believe in it.

As a family business, we choose how we do things. We're not only interested in quarterly results. We think long-term. We think about the world we're leaving behind for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren. 

We believe sustainability is not some distant goal, but a mindset, reflected in our daily actions and choices. It's about how everyone of us chooses to do things. Every day. 

Sustainability highlights
Sustainability is not about reaching a goal. It's about constantly evolving.
Empowering people
Change comes when people come first.
We're committed to our team

We support our employees' wellbeing and professional growth to ensure a strong and motivated workforce.

We promote fair factories

We ensure safe and fair working conditions by empowering workers and creating solid relationships with our partners.

We share our passion & give back

We share our passion for alpine sports and lifestyle, giving back to the communities where we work and live.

Engineering gear
Mindful products for passionate people.
We make leading products

We provide sustainable and innovative products, and guarantee the highest quality, safety and durability. 

We produce mindfully

We're working towards circularity, efficiency and traceability - with minimal impact on people and the planet.

Sustainability Reports & Downloads
We're always trying to get better. And we think the best way to do that is to be transparent: to talk about what we're doing and share the results. Download and read more about our work.
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