Sustainability is a choice we invest in, because we believe in it.

As a family business, we choose how we do things. We're not only interested in quarterly results. We think long-term. We think about the world we're leaving behind for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren. 

We believe sustainability is not some distant goal, but a mindset, reflected in our daily actions and choices. It's about how everyone of us chooses to do things. Every day. 

Our Sustainability Strategy
The mountains we are climbing

To aim for Net Zero, we must first ascend the hill of factories best in class, social & environmental. Our path also leads via Circularity, not only in our product design, but also in our processes. We are supported in our aim by state of the art policies & processes, as well as strong data, tools & systems and we can only achieve it, if we work together as a team, as a group. This is us.

Factories best in class Social & environmental

We promote fair working conditions
One of Oberalp’s priorities is the wellbeing of everyone who makes our products, not just our own employees.


Product Development through Circular Design
We thrive to constantly increase the use of circular and environmentally friendly materials and technologies that leave as little trace as possible in nature.

Net Zero

We are raising the bar for ourselves.
We contribute to minimizing the effects of the climate crisis in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement and climate science, by aiming to halve our emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero within 2050.

Sustainability Reports & Downloads
We're always trying to get better. And we think the best way to do that is to be transparent: to talk about what we're doing and share the results. Download and read more about our work.
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