With you every step for 125 years

Founded in 1895 as a modest craft business, FALKE has been run by fourth-generation entrepreneurs, who lead more than 3000 employees, the “FALKE FAMILY”, and their unparalleled expertise in the production of the highest quality products. 

Each FALKE product is the result of a long process that has gone from traditional craftsmanship, to manufacturing, to industrial production.

Today, like yesterday, the goal is to produce perfection in series production. FALKE is based on solid fundamental values: unconditional quality, the highest craftsmanship, and constant innovation backed up by sophisticated specialization, creative design and, not least, continuity and complete reliability.

FALKE provides products that create meaning for cosmopolitan, tolerant, sensitive and curious people. These are designed to inspire and to challenge, to spark desire and create a sense of happiness.