The female perspective on mountains
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On October 29th, 2019 the Oberalp Group officially presented the newcomer under the roof of the brand house. "LaMunt is the new mountain sports brand by women for women, which unlocks a new, female perspective on alpine sports.", says Ruth Oberrauch, the founder. The brand, which is positioned in the premium segment, is the Group's answer to the ever-increasing number of women in mountain sports who are looking for clothing that meets their needs without compromising on functionality. Starting from January 2022, LaMunt will be available online  and in selected shops.


As the basis of the launch of the new brand LaMunt and as a source of inspiration for all of Oberalp's mountain brands, the Group commissioned a study on women and mountain sports. Karmasin Behavioural Insights, one of the most established international behavioral research institutes based in Vienna (Austria), conducted a semiotic analysis to understand the needs, mindsets, and attitudes women have when being active in the mountains.

Download the Executive Summary to learn more about the Group’s findings:

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