Mountains and the Metaverse
Synergy or Contradiction?
Out of the Box into the Metaverse
Why the metaverse becomes important

Thirty years ago, most mountaineers would never have dreamed that climbing gyms would one day become a mass phenomenon. This always happens when innovations are announced. Think personal computers, smartphones and social media? They were all laughed at in the beginning. However, change often comes faster than expected.

The next big innovation that could change everything is the emergence of the metaverse. Anyone approaching the topic today will keep coming up against new questions. In an extensive study, we set out to explore the answers. We wanted to know: Is there a business case for the metaverse and the mountain sports industry?

Christoph Engl - CEO Oberalp Group
Ruth Oberrauch - Board Member Oberalp Group
Which Metaverse?

There is no one metaverse. What we see today are a collection of different ideas, providers, platforms and structures. Time to define a few terms and offer some initial explanations. They come courtesy of Martino Marchetti, Oberalp Research & Innovation Lab Manager and Philipp Trompeter, an expert on the future development of the sports industry.

Philipp Trompeter - Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH
Martino Marchetti - Research & Innovation Lab Manager Oberalp Group
Five Myths about the Metaverse

The Metaverse is just beginning to emerge; new worlds are opening up. And with them come questions and uncertainties. Together with the consultancy Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner, we have investigated how the mountains could become part of the metaverse or whether the mountain sports industry will always remain a counter-world. We believe that this study with 2,500 participants could become an important basis for discussion for the entire mountain sports industry. Key findings and expectations based on five myths about the metaverse.

Korbinian Richter - Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH
Stefan Rainer - CSO Oberalp Group
Are we ready for the metaverse?
Which steps we take – and which we avoid.

With our study, we planned to do more than simply show what was happening out there in terms of the metaverse. We wanted to find out where Oberalp actually stands, and to see if we are ready to take the first steps towards the metaverse. Ruth Oberrauch and Christoph Engl present the learnings for Oberalp.

Beyond Retail

Denis Horvat is co-CEO of basketball and street style specialist Kickz and one of the founders of the NFT fashion gamification platform Kickz M3TA. At the Oberalp Summit in Venice, Denis presented his ideas for the retail of the future.

Denis Horvart - CEO Kickz
Digital First

Ultimately, the metaverse discussion is about one central issue: Does it make us better and faster and does it create added value for our industry and for our partnerships?

At the latest since the pandemic, we know that we no longer need just a strategy for digital transformation. If we want to be successful in the next decades, we need a digital strategy. Oberalp CSO Stefan Rainer on opportunities and possibilities in the metaverse for the outdoor industry.

Stefan Rainer - CSO Oberalp Group
The Oberalp Protoverse
The mountain in virtual worlds

Take the first steps with us in the Oberalp metaverse prototype. Currently still a first draft, though soon to be perhaps a virtual world for all.

Dive right in and take a look around the
Oberalp Protoverse.

Please note: It works on Mac and PC, but not on mobile devices yet. And it takes a while for everything to load.

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