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We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories.



Tobias Robida
Human Resources Manager 

Department: HR
Office: Aschheim

Hobbies: Hiking (as often as possible), swimming (formerly competitive sport, now only once a week), crafting (on our camper van...).

What should not be missing in my backpack: Almdudler…and sunglasses.       

Meet Tobias, our Human Resources Manager

If there is one job that is tailor-made for someone, then it is undoubtedly that of Tobias Robida. As Human Resources Manager for the DACH region, he not only brings many years of experience, a great deal of expertise and professionalism, but above all an extraordinary warmth for his fellow human beings. As HR Manager, Tobias and his team take care of all HR matters and contribute to Oberalp's success on many levels with his many years of experience.

Due to his position, Tobias is the first point of contact with Oberalp for many employees and he makes them feel welcome in the company from the very first minute. His extraordinary feel for people and his extremely empathetic nature make him a highly valued colleague. He seems to intuitively know how his counterpart is feeling and always finds the right tone to create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome. With his calm but confident manner, he creates an environment of trust and even in turbulent times is a fixed point that is difficult to upset. Tobias is simply a constant you can always rely on.

Away from the office, the HR manager reveals himself to be a real family man. His loved ones come first. He has a cheerful disposition and never loses sight of the fun side of things. As a former competitive swimmer, he has the ambition to constantly work on himself and improve. He is a true nature lover who would rather be outdoors than indoors. He is especially happy when he can be in the great outdoors or working on his camper and driving towards the sun with his family in tow.

Tobias is not only always up for a bit of fun, he is also an excellent listener and problem solver. He always looks for the best solutions for everyone involved and never puts himself first. For him, self-sufficiency is a virtue that he cultivates and that resonates completely with Oberalp in terms of his values.

There is a solution for everything! Focus less on the problem and more on the solution.

Human Resources Manager

Those around him describe the family man as extremely empathetic, with the ability to pick people up, whether the news is positive or not. These qualities are his trademark not only professionally, but also privately. His enthusiasm and constant desire to learn and try out new things make him a dynamic and passionate team member.

Empathy, solution orientation, strong communication skills and loyalty are the key qualities that make Tobias so successful in his position as HR Manager. His ability to overcome difficult situations with the conviction that there is a solution for everything is testament to his positive approach to life.

Tobias draws his motivation from striving for constant improvement, whether in sport or at work. His life motto "Happiness is self-sufficiency" reflects his deep conviction that true happiness lies in being content with oneself. He feels particularly at home at Oberalp, not only because it is a management-run family business that puts people first and foremost, but also because the company values harmonize with his personal values. His belief in team spirit and working together to achieve goals not only drives him personally, but also his entire team. Tobias firmly believes that positivity attracts more positivity, he lives this every day and everyone who is lucky enough to cross Tobias' path feels it.