Oberalp confirmed as the Italian leader in promoting fair factories and safe working conditions
Bolzano - 06.10.2020

The Group’s efforts and hard work continue to pay off, and for the fourth in a row, the brands Salewa, Dynafit, and Wild Country* have been awarded “Leader” status by Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). A main priority at Oberalp is to look after the health and wellbeing of everyone involved in making its products – not just its own employees, but also factory workers. The family-owned company always puts people at the center. In recent years it has dedicated a lot of effort and resources to making garment production more fair and equal and ensuring respect of human and labor rights in factories. 

Oberalp started working with FWF back in 2013 and is currently the only Italian company who is member of the NGO. FWF is an expert organization that specializes in verifying and improving working conditions in textile factories around the world and it supports brands in monitoring a part of their production and ensuring improvements are made where necessary. Once a year during the "Brand Performance Check" FWF assesses the performance of member brands through a series of strict indicators. During the assessment of Oberalp’s 2019 performance, recently conducted by FWF, the brands scored 5 points more than last year, reaching a total of 84/100. All of this is the result of the Group’s commitment and values, joint efforts and strong awareness for people and the environment.


* Only Salewa, Dynafit e Wild Country are members of Fair Wear Foundation. Pomoca’s entire production is in one factory in Switzerland and Evolv, acquired by Oberalp in 2019, is currently considering membership.