Special Christmas greetings
Oberalp sends 2,500 handmade Christmas cards around the world.

While the Oberalp Group operates internationally with its mountain sports brands Salewa, Dynafit, Pomoca, Wild Country, Evolv and LaMunt, it is still one big family. And this is what makes Oberalp special.  Just like a family, tradition and values are fundamental in its everyday business. This year is characterized by strict social distancing rules, but the Oberalp Group wants to symbolically overcome these distances by sending special Christmas greetings.  

From 8 December onwards, 2,500 handmade Christmas cards will leave the headquarters in Bolzano. The cards are made with a piece of fabric either from the SALEWA TirolWool® collection or from recycled wool. The five different colours (pink, green, red, grey, blue) and the two different types of fabrics represent our diversity and our identity at the same time. 

Touch is an essential human need. "We want to stay close to our customers and partners, despite the current situation. With our fabrics, we express our solidarity, loyalty, but also closeness and support", says Christoph Engl, Group CEO.  

With these Christmas wishes, the Oberalp Group is also underlining its values of social responsibility and environmental awareness. The company is not only passionately committed to its employees and suppliers, but to all human beings. They chose to have the cards produced by "gwb", a social cooperative based in Bolzano that supports and included people with physical or mental disabilities. "The work at gwb is relaxing for me because I get to meet my friends there and can always work on new projects. With the Christmas cards, I was particularly pleased to see how much we achieved and how nice they turned out to be", says Martina, staff member at gwb. She would like to continue doing such great, creative work with Oberalp again next year.