Circularity, best in class and climate neutrality within 2030
Oberalp group raises the bar for themselves in the new sustainability report “Contribute 2022“

Bolzano (Italy) July 13th, 2023 – In the latest “Contribute” report, the Oberalp group introduces its new sustainability strategy and sets ambitious goals for the future. The group’s brands DYNAFIT, SALEWA, WILD COUNTRY, LaMunt, POMOCA and EVOLV illustrate their approach to reaching those targets: Circularity, climate neutrality and best in class factories are the three peaks they want to reach. Determining the status quo is the first step towards reaching them.

A new Strategy to reach Net Zero

“We want to reduce our emissions in line with the Paris Agreement to reach Net Zero and ultimately become climate neutral within 2030. We know that these are challenging peaks to reach, however, by gearing our products and processes towards circularity and having best-in-class factories – socially and environmentally – these intense paths can be ascended” says Ruth Oberrauch, board member and Head of Sustainability at the Oberalp Group, “and all our brands are contributing towards those goals.”


True to Oberalp’s “people first” approach, the Group has been making sure the people who manufacture products have safe and ever-improving working conditions. In 2022, this resulted in the non-profit organisation Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) awarding the Group “Leader” status for the sixth year in a row.

After having focused many years on the social aspects, 2021 saw the revision of the Sustainability Strategy, and Oberalp recognised that a stronger focus on the environmental impact of their business was necessary. 2022 then saw the beginnings of the implementation of this new strategy: Factories, already committed to continuous improvement of social standards, were engaged to add environmental ones; and the Group developed Circularity Strategy, which will define the future of all product developments. In terms of products, this means increased use of natural and recycled materials, and pilot projects to reduce waste, mainly by finding ways to re-use production leftovers. In terms of Corporate Carbon Footprint, Oberalp decided to tackle first the emissions that were directly under their control.


Life Cycle Assessments as a starting point

To make this happen, Oberalp concentrated on product development and warranty services throughout 2022. For the product development “turn a-round”, Oberalp is starting with extensive Life Cycle Assessments, determining the impact of their products and processes, as well as creating in-house awareness and long-term change through a series of workshops on circular design for product teams. Additionally, Oberalp decided to investigate what it really means to make circular products “happen”: By collaborating with Accelerating Circularity, a non-profit platform to turn spent textiles into mainstream raw materials, Oberalp is experimenting in the creation of a “reverse supply chain”. What is Oberalp’s role in co-creating a circular supply chain? “We need to rethink our way of buying and investment, risk, and responsibility; the perception of aesthetics, brand purpose and appeal; we need to establish new business models where we tap into or create take-back programmes, drive public policy for collection and reworking of textiles. This involves all of us, and collaboration is essential”, says Alexandra Letts, Sustainability Manager. As for Warranty Services, where product circularity is put to the test and becomes real, 2022 was the year of analysis of the status quo and the changes are needed to provide wider and more professional repairs.

The topic of "circular economy" will be a decisive factor for Oberalp if we want to move in the direction of climate neutrality by 2030. It all starts with the design of our products, and with the conviction that belief in circularity must become an attitude. Longevity is the consequence – and this is also what our customers increasingly demand.

Christoph engl
CEO Oberalp Group
Products and Processes in progress

Contribute 2022 depicts how all Oberalp brands are beginning their journey towards the three summits, each with their own starting point. SALEWA furthered research and collaboration on industrial hemp – a plant that requires little to no water and makes robust but comfortable apparel. DYNAFIT extended the Lifetime Guarantee to all products – because “the most sustainable product is the one we already have”. WILD COUNTRY, POMOCA and EVOLV have taken the repair-service to the next level, offering re-slinging for Friends, re-soling for climbing shoes and re-gluing for ski-touring skins. Among other innovations within the Group, newcomer brand LaMunt launched the “ReMOCA” padding for their apparel, made from production leftovers of POMOCA ski-touring skins: using no additional resources but collaborating group-internally to reduce waste.

Contribute 2022 also paints a transparent picture of the achieved goals in Chemical Compliance. “We do not produce chemically safe items because we are testing. They are safe because we have strict regulations in place that are upheld by all suppliers.” Sara Riato, the Group’s Chemicals & Compliance Specialist, says. Oberalp was also able to advance its goal of substituting the “forever chemicals” PFAS (Per- or Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) in water repellent products: LaMunt, EVOLV, WILD COUNTRY and POMOCA did not use PFAS in their DWR treatments at all. SALEWA and DYNAFIT have further decreased their use, to the point where all DYNAFIT equipment is now PFAS-free.

The Report, following GRI standards, can be downloaded here: Contribute 2022.



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