Oberalp Group is taking part in the Fair Wear Foundation “Academy pilot project”
No Brand Performance Check for the brands Salewa, Dynafit, Wild Country, and LaMunt in 2023

Fair Wear Foundation is a Multi-Stakeholder-Initiative, working to improve labour conditions in textile factories and has been partnering with the Oberalp Group for 10 years.

Every year, Fair Wear conducts a thorough assessment on how its member brands and rates them according to a set of indicators evaluating the improvements of the purchasing practices and the working conditions in the factories. Thanks to the efforts and results, the highest status “Leader” has been assigned to the Oberalp Group for six years in a row. 

Since 6th February 2023, the Oberalp Group (with its brands Salewa, Dynafit, Wild Country, and LaMunt) have been part of Fair Wear’s pilot project that will provide the wider industry with guidance, learning modules, and access to tools to facilitate brands in their Human Rights Due Diligence. Together with nine other brands, the Group helps to develop this project that will support Fair Wear in guiding more brands in implementing HRDD in their supply chains and ensure that it is done meaningfully.

HRDD is at the very center of new and upcoming legislation that will push brands to better monitoring the supply chains, preventing, and remediating human rights violations, and taking responsibilities.

In addition to several other national human rights due diligence (HRDD) legislations currently in place, such as the German Supply chain law or the French Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, also the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive is on its way.

Participating in the Academy Pilot Project requires dedication and time. Even if we have no BPC this year, we are naturally continuing to monitor our factories and to improve working conditions

Martine Riblan
Social Compliance Specialist at Oberalp

As a pilot participant, the Oberalp Group plays a vital role in testing and evaluating the project’s viability, feasibility, and effectiveness before Fair Wear Foundation will roll it out on a larger scale. During this pilot year, there will be no annual Fair Wear Brand Performance Check (BPC) and Fair Wear is therefore not assigning a score or performance benchmarking category for 2022.

Please find more information on the project on Fair Wear Foundations’s website, here.