Salewa introdcues Second Life in Bozen / Bolzano

The former Salewa World store has been completely redesigned and opens this week as the new Salewa Store Bozen / Bolzano. In the center of the concept the Salewa Circular Experience offers three new programmes: Repair, Second Life and Rental.



It’s all change in Bozen / Bolzano. From this week, the new Salewa flagship retail store is up and running with a completely new multi-dimensional space and overhauled interior design. The store, which is connected directly to the South Tyrolean mountain sports brand’s headquarters was redesigned by the internationally renowned retail design agency gpstudio from London. Together with the reopening, Salewa is also launching the Salewa Circular Experience. The new programme includes three central themes: Repair Service, Second Life and Rental Service – with all three integrated in the new Salewa Store Bozen / Bolzano. At the heart of the concept, Salewa is working to extend the life of its mountain sports products, and introducing more and more upcycling and recycling.

Innovative Salewa Circular Experience is an expression of Salewa's committment to sustainability

Some ten years ago, the Oberalp Group created a Sustainability Team to drive and coordinate sustainability developments for the group and the Salewa brand. The goal: To develop high-quality, durable and long-lasting mountain sports products, while simultaneously focussing on fair working conditions at production sites, and reducing environmental impact.

Since 2022, the mountain sports brand based in the Dolomites has been using the Salewa Committed icon to bring together its sustainability efforts and provide greater transparency in general, and for customers in particular. All products that stand out for their exceptional environmental or social responsibility aspects are labelled with the Salewa Committed icon.

To reduce environmental impact, Salewa believes it’s important to dispense with the outdated throwaway consumerism mentality and move towards a circular business model. Consequently, Salewa is striving to extend the life of its mountain sports products, focussing on long-lasting design, using natural, renewable materials, and upcycling and recycling as often as possible.

As part of this sustainable business strategy, the South Tyrolean brand is introducing the Salewa Circular Experience with three themes at the new Salewa Store Bozen / Bolzano:

Repair Service
Salewa makes durable apparel, equipment and footwear that is built to last. Repairs are carried out by Salewa experts using original parts and materials.

Second Life
The Salewa Second Life programme offers high quality, used, reconditioned and repaired clothing, footwear and equipment for sale.

Rental Service
Salewa wants to enable people to rent the products they might need for their next (mountain) adventure at the Salewa Store Bozen / Bolzano, by offering a new rental service at the Salewa Store Bozen / Bolzano.

The Oberalp Group is currently liaising with Salewa experts to explore ways of expanding the Circular Experience to include retail partners, Salewa stores and e-commerce to make it available to a wider group of customers.


Every brand needs a home, and Salewa’s home is here in the Dolomites. Our new flagship store in Bozen / Bolzano gives our customers the opportunity to experience the world of Salewa with all their senses.

Stefan Rainer
Group CSO
A retail design that gives the brand and its customers a place to breathe

After the design agency gpstudio from London won the international tender in 2021 with their proposal for a completely new retail space, the flagship Salewa store was closed and refurbished from January to March 2023. The concept for the new Salewa Store Bozen / Bolzano is heavily inspired by nature and the landscapes of the Dolomites. The aim was to create a multi-sensory experience and project a feeling of openness and freedom, similar to standing on top of a mountain. In cooperation with the British design experts, the new flagship store has become far more than just a sales area. The new Salewa Store Bozen / Bolzano serves as a focal point for local climbers, mountain enthusiasts and tourists on holiday in Bozen / Bolzano or passing through. It is a place to gather inspiration, meet like-minded people and exchange ideas and advice.