Oberalp Culture Days: A unique insight into the company heart and soul

In the hectic world of today's business, maintaining a strong corporate culture is essential. As a management-led family business, we have always placed great importance on our deeply rooted culture. Our five corporate values form the foundation of our identity. With our continued growth and global expansion, it became necessary to find new ways to communicate our corporate culture to the newest members of our growing family. Out of this need came the Oberalp Culture Days - an event that brings together all new employees joining the Oberalp team to experience our culture first-hand in a vibrant and engaging way. These opportunities bring together people from all cultures, all countries of origin and all operational functions, giving them the chance to get to know colleagues outside their own departments and from other branches.

A special event for a shared connection
The Oberalp Culture Days take place at our headquarters in Bolzano and take employees on a two-day journey through the history, values and culture of our company. On the first day, all participants have the special opportunity to meet our President Heiner Oberrauch, Vice President Ruth Oberrauch and CEO Christoph Engl in person. Through engaging presentations, discussions and interactive workshops, they will gain a deep insight into the company structure, the history of Oberalp's development and our firmly anchored values and strategy. Throughout the event, we live our value of sweating together and take part in adventurous outdoor activities to strengthen our bond and show attitude.

Deep conversations and a campfire
After an eventful day, all participants head together to a beautiful educational retreat at 1000 meters above sea level, where they have the opportunity to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and immerse themselves in in-depth discussions about our corporate values. There is time and space for inspiring fireside chats with our founder, during which he talks about his family history - a history that has been inextricably linked to our enthusiasm for mountains and sport for many generations and which is being carried on by the new generation, namely his daughter and Vice President Ruth Oberrauch. This personal conversation around the campfire illustrates the importance of our values of positivity, mindfulness and courage, which have guided, sustained and motivated us along the way.

A memorable experience with a lasting impression
The Oberalp Culture Days took place for the first time in March 2023 and were repeated three more times in the fall of the same year. The positive response, as Ruth Oberrauch emphasizes, is overwhelming: "It's inspiring to see how the young employees are infected by our enthusiasm for mountains and sport, how they soak up our positive culture and go home with so much enthusiasm." Especially at a time when many of our employees are working from home and long distances have to be overcome, it is particularly important to convey our corporate culture in person.

It's inspiring to see how the young employees are infected by our enthusiasm for mountains and sport, how they soak up our positive culture and go home with so much enthusiasm.

Ruth oberrauch
Vice President of the Oberalp Group

The Oberalp Culture Days are an integral part of our annual calendar and will continue to be both original and dynamic in the future. CEO Christoph Engl, who personally leads through the event, is convinced of this format and emphasizes that it is of the upmost importance for Oberalp to live and exemplify our values. The consistently positive feedback from the participants confirms his judgment. The Oberalp Culture Days are a truly inspiring opportunity for our employees to integrate themselves into our lively yet deeply rooted corporate culture and offer space for interactive exchange and memorable experiences.
The Oberalp Culture Days are not only an event for new employees, but also the key to deep integration into our vibrant corporate culture. They offer a platform for interactive exchange and create the opportunity to experience the values and history of the Oberalp Group at first hand. The participants' positive feedback confirms the success of this format, and we look forward to seeing how the Oberalp Culture Days will develop in the future. But one thing is certain: they will continue to be unique, dynamic and tailored to the needs of our growing company family, putting our values of passion, positive energy, mindfulness, courage and sweating together at the center.