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Oberalp Group lays foundation stone for new DYNAFIT headquarters in Kiefersfelden

On May 30, 2022, the time had finally come: The foundation stone for the new Dynafit headquarters in Kiefersfelden was laid. After the groundbreaking ceremony in February 2022 could only be held in a small setting due to the pandemic, the foundation stone was now ceremoniously laid, together with the employees from Germany and Austria, with representatives from politics, business and the press.

The new Dynafit headquarters, which will also be the new headquarters for the region of the German-speaking European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), will be an imposing building with two interlocking triangles of steel and glass. The renowned architecture studio Barozzi & Veiga from Barcelona won the tender before the international jury of experts and designed the landmark at the northern gateway to the Alps. Construction is scheduled to end in December 2023, then the building will be open to employees and the public.

The futuristic minimalist building with six soaring floors and a height of 32 meters will be an architectural landmark near the highway.

Anyone moving from northern Europe to the Alps will pass by here and our employees can enjoy the surrounding mountains every day when they are looking for inspiration for the most innovative ideas for mountain athletes.

Christoph Engl
CEO Oberalp Group

The laying of the foundation stone was attended not only by the mayor of Kiefersfelden but also by Bavarian State Minister Dr. Florian Herrmann and Wolfram Hatz, President of the Bavarian Industry Association. The new building will be home to a world of experience about speed on the mountain, a brand store, as well as a ski manufactory and a spacious bistro in the style of the “Bivac” restaurant at the Group headquarters in Bolzano.

Around 100 employees will find a new workplace in this brand house: light-flooded offices with innovative shading systems, an infant care center, internal training halls for climbing and physical workout, an in-house restaurant as well as modern creative spaces will help to devise the best products and services for fans of the DYNAFIT brand. In addition, the Oberalp Group has acquired various residential properties in the vicinity of its new DYNAFIT headquarters, which are on offer to employees at discounted rent. "DYNAFIT and Oberalp AG want to offer an attractive overall solution for working in our companies, especially for families and specialized professionals," says the press release of the performed ground-breaking ceremony. There is great interest in these opportunities from both Austria and Southern Bavaria: The Oberalp Group has already rented a temporary office in the center of Kiefersfelden to enable people to work on site while the new building is still under construction.

"DYNAFIT has always been committed to a minimalist approach to our products," says Benedikt Böhm, general manager at DYNAFIT. "Those who are in the mountains with less weight and effort make themselves faster and more efficient." DYNAFIT's heraldic animal, the rare snow leopard, exemplifies this: Suppleness and elegance of movement unite in the greatest speed and instinctive planning. In the new world of experience, the snow leopard guides through DYNAFIT's product systems and makes every visitor realize - I could also be 20% faster. In order to do this, you have to avoid the superfluous and focus on the essential, as impressively demonstrated by DYNAFIT's ski touring bindings, running shoes and touring skis. In the new building, it will be possible to observe how these products are created: it will be possible to take a look at the binding development department, to build your own individual pair of skis, to have your equipment repaired or to have your sports equipment optimally adapted to your own needs - DYNAFIT in Kiefersfelden will make all this possible exclusively for customers.

The "DYNAFIT BIVAC" will be the second bistro opened by the Oberalp Group in its own company offices, which is open to everyone. Close to the Oberalp and SALEWA headquarters in Bolzano, the Group, which specializes in mountain sports brands, has been running a successful bistro concept with plenty of outdoor space for years. From the in-house garden, which is run by refugees, the kitchen crew serves regional dishes with high creative standards. In Kiefersfelden, the bistro kitchen will focus on healthy and proper nutrition for mountain athletes.

The building with the two triangles was also planned with spectacular internal functionality: the internal restaurant is also an event space, the imposing entrance hall with a generous staircase is suitable for any fashion show, the building-high interior lets you look 30 meters up into the sky, and the roof of the DYNAFIT BIVAC will make the entire building energy self-sufficient with applied photovoltaic panels and geothermal systems.