Oberalp Awards 2019
During our biannual employee meeting held in October 2019, we announced the year's winners of the Oberalp Awards.


Bozen - Montebelluna - Aschheim - Boulder - Los Angeles. On September 30th, 2019 the Oberalp Awards were presented for the eighth time under a thunderous round of applause.

The awards, divided into five categories, are given to all those employees or teams who have achieved exceptional results during the year.

We are confident that our employees will continue to achieve great things in the coming year, and we would like to thank each and every member of the Oberalp family

Executive Board Member

This year, the risk award was given to two teams. Firstly, to the "EVOLV" working group, who managed the acquisition of the US climbing brand. The team's good preparation, planning and implementation, as well as its thoughtful approach were remarkable.

The second risk award went to the Visual Merchandising & Retail team for their courage in drastically simplifying the visual merchandising concept and thus redesigning the customer shopping experience. The new concept has proven itself and has been reflected accordingly in the increased sales figures.

The excellent execution & service award was presented to four teams. The Credit Management team was awarded for their excellent performance, which has been consistent over the years. The figures achieved by this team are far beyond the standard. The Apparel Purchasing team also received an award for their excellent planning, especially when it comes to deliveries and management of leftovers. The Warehouse team also deserves this year's award. Customer orientation and customer service are this team’s top priorities and are second to none. Finally, the Eastern Europe team also deserves this award thanks to its growth in the past years, attributable to its exceptional customer service and the successful growth of our brands in Poland and Czech Republic.

The last award presented this year goes to the outstanding performance of one employee: Markus, Warranty Manager for Oberalp. He received the process improvement award for the improvement and clarification of workflows in his department. This has significantly reduced the workload of his team and at the same time increased customer satisfaction.

Oberalp does not take its awards lightly and therefore no sustainability award or creativity & innovation award were given this year.