Behind the scenes
Meet our team

We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories.

Piotr Gasiorowski
Sales & Marketing Manager Dynafit, Pomoca (Poland)

Office: Krakow, Poland

Hobbies:  Skiing, skiing, skiing, then mountaineering, biking, trail running, anything that lets me be in mountains

What is always in his backpack:  Headband or beanie, small headlamp

Meet Piotr, our Sales & Marketing Manager Dynafit, Pomoca. 

"Life is always about the question: what changes are you willing to make? You can achieve whatever you want, as long as you want it with all your heart" says Piotr in a confident tone. He got to know the Oberalp Group as a sports enthusiast. At that time, he was a successful freestyler and free-rider.  A heavy fall ended his career abruptly, but for sure not his attitude: "It is important to do what you believe in," he says with conviction. For 9 years now he is bringing his knowledge, his determination, his experience, his courage as well as his positive attitude towards life to the Oberalp Group.  "Dynafit and Pomoca products have changed our own lives for the better and we pass on this experience. We are not outfitters, but we support people to realize their very own dreams - that makes a significant difference," says Piotr.  

Sports didn't interest him as a teenager, as he preferred to play with model airplanes, but during high school, he started to do freestyle and freeride skiing, and within a short period, he fought his way to the top.Piotr doesn't wait for something to happen, he acts.

It is important for me to never stand still.

Sales & Marketing Manager Dynafit, Pomoca

To describe him is difficult because he is also always the opposite of everything.  Similar to his motto: It's never as good as it could be, but it's also never as bad as it could be. Piotr is a free spirit who is very focused at the same time. He loves chaos but is at the same time extremely disciplined and structured. "Several times in my life I have experienced that you can do anything - if you want to," he tells us convincingly.

Piotr is a family man and an adventurer. Together with his family, he travels in a camper to various wild nature places. Always looking for the new and the unknown. 

Challenges and good results motivate him - in his job and in his free time. But these boundaries transition smoothly in his case. "After all, I work for the Oberalp Group because I get to pursue my passion for mountains even while I'm at work and because my work colleagues are also burning for the same passion" says Piotr.