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We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories. 



Mohammad Bakhtear Uddin
Quality Controller

Office: Bangladesh
Department: Quality Control
Hobbies: Mountaineering

What should not be missing during sports activities or when traveling: Backpack (first aid kit, gloves, weather-related things, sunglasses, water, dry food, map, etc.)

Meet Bakhtear, our Quality Controller in Asia

Bakhtear is responsible for the quality control of various apparel products manufactured in Bangladesh. From Gore-Tex jackets and shells to pants, fleeces, or gloves, Bakhtear is on the front lines, testing and analyzing every detail to ensure the functionality of each product. A native of Chittagong, second biggest city of Bangladesh, Bakhtear loves to travel and also travels a lot for work. All the factories that manufacture products for the Oberalp Group are not only subject to strict ethical standards, but the products themselves are also subjected to rigorous quality controls so that their functionality can be guaranteed. Bakhtear regularly visits the various factories to test the quality of the products on site.

His work requires great care, precision and also the ability to work as part of a team and to be open to dialogue with other cultures, as he maintains a lively exchange with his Oberalp colleagues from different parts of the world, as well as with the teams at the production sites. Things Bakhtear also appreciates about his job: "I am very extroverted, I like to work and learn together in a team and to share the common learning process with others," he says.

His job is not always easy, but Bakhtear is not afraid of any challenge and burns to push things forward. Being a goal-oriented person, he is always willing to question himself and to change his attitude or idea in order to improve. In difficult situations, he tries to stay calm and find a better solution by analyzing the causes objectively.

A particular concern of his regarding quality control is the waterproofness of the seams, which he scrutinizes with great care and by rigorous testing. His motto, "Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen," is a testament to his indomitable spirit.

I am very extroverted, I like to work and learn together in a team and to share the common learning process with others.

Mohammad Bakhtear Uddin
Quality Controller

Away from work, and when Bakhtear is not traveling, he loves to be out in the mountains camping with his friends. He is a very modest person and appreciates a peaceful, healthy life surrounded by his family and friends. Not only those, but also his colleagues appreciate his gentle, helpful, and friendly nature. His generosity also comes through when he talks about which projects in his city, he would like to support next with donations. Be it schools or mosques that need help, when he can, it's Bakthear's way of showing his attachment to his origins and his religion. And not to forget, his friends and colleagues all appreciate him being the real king of selfies when it comes to photography! Thanks to Bakthear, every group photo becomes a real eye-catcher, because he always knows how to direct the photographer on what is the best light and framing.

In his free time, Bakhtear enjoys watching movies and series, but he never neglects his physical health. Exercise is crucial to him, and he balances his everyday life with workouts to stay in top form. This is not the only reason why Bakhtear likes working for a company that manufactures technical sportswear. He particularly likes his work at Oberalp because of the cooperative and appreciative relationships that colleagues maintain with each other, Bakhtear affirms.

Bakhtear's passion for his work and his commitment to excellence is an inspiration to the whole team and makes him an important member of the Oberalp family – making sure that under his watchful eye, Oberalp’s products will meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.