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We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories. 



Marlene Burgmann
Corporate Projects & Events Senior Specialist

Office: Bolzano
Corporate PR           
Hobbies: spending time in nature - preferably in the mountains, baking, traveling, getting to know new cultures and other countries, but also rediscovering my homeland South Tyrol with all its fascinations again and again.       
What should not be missing in my backpack: I am known for always keeping my backpack very light and carrying as little as possible!

Meet Marlene from the Corporate PR department

As Corporate Projects & Events Senior Specialist, she is responsible for organizing the Oberalp Summit, which takes place not only live but also digitally - two important events for the Oberalp Group, as well as for its customers and partners.

Every time Marlene manages to make these events something special and to amaze the participants - every detail is well thought out and you can feel it. The organizational talent Marlene appreciates about her job that it is always varied and challenging, that's what she enjoys and what she needs, because what she tackles, she does with one hundred percent passion, not only in her job, but also in her private life. The Oberalp event specialist is a loving mother of two children and always aims to give her best, both privately and professionally, and her positive attitude to life means that she seems to succeed with ease.

In her almost twenty years at Oberalp, Marlene has already been able to experience and actively shape many things. At the age of twenty-three, she started at Oberalp directly after her studies in purchasing and sales of the distribution brands. After a few years, she moved internally to the Salewa marketing team, where she helped shape the brand and brand communication for many years.
In marketing, the twenty-something organized photo shoots with athletes at the time, where she skillfully put the athletes in the spotlight. "A time I wouldn't want to miss," says Marlene, adding that to this day she has many memories that are unique and that she would probably never have experienced in this way. "During my time at Oberalp, I got to know many great people and had experiences that still resonate with me today," says Marlene. "There was a summer shoot on the Eiger, where everything was closed due to avalanche danger, or night shoots that pushed us to our limits, it was always a matter of improvising and being flexible, just as it is sometimes on the mountain. During that time, I was allowed to accompany productions and athletes all over Europe, but also to India, or Australia. The preparations were often time-consuming and the working days long, but it was always worth it," she recalls with a hearty laugh that gives her that special charisma and wins you over immediately.

The event specialist has experienced a lot in her professional career, she was there when the company grew from 40 employees in South Tyrol to an Oberalp family of over 1,500 employees worldwide, when the impressive Salewa headquarters was ceremoniously opened in Bolzano in 2011 and much more. Marlene's time in marketing has included relaunching the Salewa website on her own, opening and managing various social media accounts for the Salewa brand, all at the dawn of the World Wide Web when it was not yet mainstream.

During my time at Oberalp, I got to know many great people and had experiences that still resonate with me today.

Marlene Burgmann
Corporate Projects & Events Senior Specialist

Marlene has never shied away from a challenge, that's not her style and even now it stimulates her that she has to deal with new, innovative things again and again, which until then were completely foreign to her. Over the course of her career at Oberalp, for example, Marlene has explored the Metaverse as part of the Oberalp Summit, immersed in the world of TikTok , explored supply chains and the Gen-Z - the next generation in the mountains - in depth, and much more. She herself smiles about how often she has been thrown in at the deep end but has always managed to stay "somehow on top of things," says the organizational talent in her humble way. "My current field of activity is a true contrast to the time when we sent orders by fax in the 90's and I am excited about what else awaits me in the future," she laughs mischievously.

Marlene is a fundamentally honest soul who has a great sense of justice. She is not afraid to get her own hands dirty when the need arises and, true to the company's value of sweating together, she is not too shy to lend a hand in order to achieve the goals she has set for herself. Although Marlene describes herself as reserved, she is not afraid to speak her mind and bring unconventional ideas to the table. Marlene is a team player to whom family and friendships are at least as important as finding fulfillment in her career.... As a family person, Marlene cherishes her friendships and spoils her loved ones with her attentive and loving nature. Marlene is a child of the mountains and especially loves the winter in the Dolomites - her home. There is nothing more beautiful for her than when it snows. Snowfall has something calming for her and if time permits, she loves to go skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring or just hiking, whether alone, with family or friends.

The Oberalp event specialist is freedom-loving, a traveler who only really feels the true sense of freedom on the summits of the mountains, where she can take a deep breath and find peace. You can feel Marlene's connection to the mountains and her homeland when she enthusiastically talks about her summit experiences and her home mountain, the mighty Haunold. A giant she has always looked at with wondering eyes and awe from her child´s room. Even today, the mystical mountain gives her strength and the feeling of having arrived.

With her wide-ranging knowledge and her caring nature, Marlene has become an indispensable member of the Oberalp family, always pushing herself and others to give their best and remaining confident and calm in any situation, no matter how tricky, because she knows that with her wealth of experience, nothing will knock her down in a hurry.

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