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We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories. 





Maria Hofer
Human Resources Oberalp Group

Office: Bolzano, Italy

Hobbies: Running, hiking, skiing 

What's always in her backpack: a bottle of water, waterproof jacket, a snack


Meet Maria our HR Assistant & Responsible for Internal Communication.

She's usually the one asking the questions, listening, and following up carefully, because Maria is not only responsible for internal communications but also for Recruiting and Onboarding new employees and interns. Maria doesn't like being at the center of attention at all.

She is quiet, cool-headed, emphatic, and an excellent listener. It's evident that she enjoys working with people and is always ready to find solutions by working hard for the well-being of employees. "I really enjoy working for this family business because we all burn for the same passion. In this way, friendships are formed during our various company hikes and events, which also persist outside the company." 

Enjoy the moment.

After her two young cousins passed away during a trek in the mountains, Maria unfortunately experienced how very quickly life can come to an end. That is why she immediately puts into practice what is important to her without waiting for the "ideal" moment. She likes to travel, sometimes alone, to get to know new cultures, people, and landscapes.

Even at work, Maria applies her motto and by creating "to-do lists" she works in a very structured and reliable way. "Being able to carry out projects and achieve our goals is satisfying for me." In addition, the running and mountain lover adds, "Sports have taught me to never give up and above all to balance my energy input carefully." Hiking in nature and sport are valuable sources of energy for Maria and a great way to clear her head.

Even in difficult situations, Maria manages to stay calm and professional. During demanding situations and interviews, she can put herself in her counterparts’ shoes, understand their concerns and find solutions. What makes Maria especially happy and satisfied is when "her interns" stay with the company after their probation and become part of the Oberalp family. "That makes me happy and it's a good feeling," says Maria with delight.