Behind the scenes
Meet our team

We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories. 



Giulia Carraro
Sales Operation Specialist

Office: Bolzano, Italy

Hobbies:  Swimming, travelling, painting

What is always in her backpack:  Headlight, GoPro

Meet Giulia, our Sales Operation Specialist. 

In 2018 Giulia started to work for Oberalp as a Sales Operation Assistant. She is responsible for analyzing sales forecasts to ensure the most efficient delivery of our collections. She adds great value to the Oberalp family with her positive attitude towards life and the things she does.

Giulia knows how to keep calm in all kinds of situations and not only does she know how to solve problems, but she faces them without any hesitation. Her life motto couldn't be anything else but:

If you find a path without obstacles, it probably doesn't lead you anywhere. 

Sales Operation Specialist

Giulia finds the balance for her professional life in nature and in the mountains. No matter what it is, the most important thing is that it is diverse and outdoors. This is how she recharges her batteries and finds the energy to return to work every Monday, bringing her positivity and cheerfulness to bear.