Behind the scenes
Meet our team

We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories. 

Davide Peghetti
Research & Innovation Oberalp Group

Office: Bolzano, Italy

Hobbies: Many! Sport climbing, but maybe it's more of an obsession of mine rather than a hobby. Carpentry, photography  

What's always in his backpack: Pocket knife, magnesite bag, and shoes, medical kit 

Meet Davide our Research & Innovation – Assistant. 

"I believe that willpower derives from strong motivation," says Davide Peghetti, who is extremely passionate about mountains, especially for climbing.  "Contributing to this world is amazing!" he says and reveals one of his secret dreams: "If one day I happened to go climbing somewhere in the world, and someone had a garment which I designed and even thought that it was comfortable, it would be a great satisfaction for me!"  

Davide studied mechanical engineering and is responsible for the technical feasibility of various projects. He is a spontaneous and very casual person. He considers himself to be a bit of a shy person sometimes and thus likes to avoid particularly crowded places. This is why he surrounds himself mainly with a few good friends. He likes his work because it has very creative and bubbly aspects.  

Davide has very clear ideas: never give up, never back down and when difficulties arise you must always give more than expected. Davide prefers a very unconventional lifestyle mainly based on physical activity. He is full of passions but focuses on just a few because Davide is a perfectionist. 

Go big or go home.

His athletic experiences have left their mark on him: "I started swimming as a child and stopped while I was studying because I could no longer maintain my level of performance. I competed to win. As an athlete, I’m fighting for victory, not just for an average ranking," says Davide. "Go big or go home" is still his credo to this day.  After swimming, Davide started sport climbing. "To call it a passion is an understatement, it's a lifestyle. It always confronts you with your weaknesses and shows me my limits which I try to overcome with an exaggerated amount of effort. For me, it's  some sort of school of life." Davide applies these experiences, as well as other qualities such as grit, discipline, dedication, and resilience, to his job: "If I decide to reach a certain target, then nothing can stop me. I accept challenges without backing down because I like testing my boundaries and get to the top!" says Davide.