The female perspective on mountains
  • Ruth Oberrauch presents  LaMunt, the new mountain sports brand, made for women by women 
  • The Oberalp Group brands SALEWA, DYNAFIT, WILD COUNTRY, EVOLV and POMOCA, launch their new collections with a groundbreaking virtual fashion show.
  • Event theme: women in the mountains

On October 29th Ruth Oberrauch, Executive Board Member of the Oberalp Group officially presented the newcomer under the roof of the brand house. “LaMunt is the new mountain sports brand by women for women, which unlocks a new, female perspective on alpine sports.”, says Ruth Oberrauch. LaMunt addresses confident women who want to experience the mountains in their own unique way. They share one passion: the mountains. Speed, frequency, and performance are secondary for them. The brand, which is positioned in the premium segment, is the Group’s answer to the ever-increasing number of women in mountain sports who are looking for clothing that meets their needs without compromising on functionality. This is exactly where LaMunt comes in, combining functionality with aesthetics developing “smart fit solutions”. In line with the brand’s claim “Shape Her Identity”, the design process takes the female body into account, ensuring the perfect fit so that women feel comfortable in all activities. Thoughtful details, the possibility of individualization, and high-quality, sustainable materials are intended to meet the needs of women who want to express their personality also through their mountain clothing. Starting from January 2022, LaMunt will be available online and in selected shops in an exclusive way.

LaMunt is the new mountain sports brand by women for women, which unlocks a new, female perspective on alpine sports.

ruth oberrauch
LaMunt Brand Manager 
Functionality is at the top of women’s priorities.

As the basis of the launch of the new brand LaMunt and as a source of inspiration for all of Oberalp’s mountain brands, the Group commissioned a study on women and mountain sports. Karmasin Behavioural Insights, one of the most established international behavioral research institutes based in Vienna (Austria), conducted a semiotic analysis to understand the needs, mindsets, and attitudes women have when being active in the mountains.

The survey results show that women place functionality, comfort, and fit as musts for their mountain apparel and equipment, followed by design and price. The study also found that boots and trousers are the most problematic items for women, mainly due to their fit. Download the Executive Summary to learn more about the Group’s findings >> ExecutiveSummary.pdf

The Messner Mountain Museum - a perfect catwalk for Oberalp

 “Readapting our Convention to a virtual format was not only a necessity but also an interesting project. The virtual interpretation of a fashion show was a challenge, but the result we believe is stunning.”, affirms CEO Christoph Engl. The Oberalp Group invented a completely new concept of a fashion show and found an exclusive location for it: The Messner Mountain Museum at Plan de Corones in South Tyrol (I). Founded by Reinhold Messner, and devoted to traditional mountaineering, mountain history, and alpinism, there couldn’t have been a better stage for the Oberalp brands. The Group was able to transform the museum into an innovative catwalk and presented its brand’s highlights in a very special way without scarifying the atmosphere of the iconic building designed by Zaha Hadid. “This magical place is perfect for our project because it reflects the essence of alpinism to its fullest, which is exactly what we aim to do with our brands.”, says Christoph Engl. 

The fashion show is only one part of what Salewa, Dynafit, Pomoca, Evolv, Wild Country and LaMunt have up their sleeves. 360° virtual showrooms and product videos will be available on, also after October 29th. The brand & product managers, developers, designers, and sustainability experts will be available to answer any questions on October 30th through live chat rooms. 

Since the first edition of the Oberalp Virtual Convention in May 2020, the Oberalp Group is the first market player to present its collections in advance not only to retailers but also to all end consumers and mountain enthusiasts.