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We are a team of adventurers. What makes us unique is the passion and motivation we all share. We have the privilege of making our passion our daily work. This is what makes us a strong, motivated, ambitious and hardworking team. Here are our stories. 





Irmgard Tirler
Online Customer Service Coordinator 

Office: Bozen, Italy

Hobbies: hiking, going to the gym, traveling, reading

What's always in her backpack: water bottle, sunglasses, headband, Ortles Hybrid vest


Meet Irmgard, our Online Customer Service Coordinator.

"Smile and the world changes." This is the attitude with which the sporty nature lover approaches employees, customers and life in general. Irmgard is an empathetic person, and you can tell that right away. She is attentive, helpful, polite - and her good humor is contagious. All this makes her successful on the job, too. "I'll do my best!" promises the customer-understanding specialist and ends the phone call.

Together with her team, she handles inquiries from all over the world online - before, during and after the purchase. "We want our customers to be satisfied, so we go to great lengths - regardless of where they purchase or have purchased the product," says the sociologist as her phone rings again. She has become quite good at categorizing people based on their e-mails and calls, smiles the patient and attentive woman. "I love my job and need the emotiveness! Even though I work from my office and don't physically meet our customers, it feels like we know each other personally, and most are friendly and appreciative." 

"Care and repair" is close to Irmgard's heart, "We don't just preach about sustainability in our business, we act on it more and more. Until four years ago, we mainly replaced broken items. Now we also offer repairs and we notice that the demand is increasing and the service is appreciated." Irmgard has a guiding principle that she is always aware of:

Live in the here and now.

Online Customer Service Coordinator

In doing so, she consciously takes care of her mind and body: she does activities with friends or family, enjoys a walk in the woods with her partner, travels, listens to podcasts or lies in the sun with a good book. 

Of course, sports also play an important role in the life of the qualified personal trainer and shape her daily routine. She likes to try out new sports like climbing, cross-country skiing or dancing. "If something interests me, then I simply try it and am determined to bring it to the end." 

Of course, a shared passion for sports also bonds the team at work. "There's nothing better than sharing common values, and that's definitely the case in our company. The 'we-keep-it-together' feeling is fantastic. I feel the great appreciation, trust and honesty. We also go on ski tours or hikes together in our free time, so I've found not only colleagues but friends at Oberalp too."