Made in Belarus
Oberalp reaction to the current political situation
Bolzano - 01.04.2022

A Lithuanian supplier who has been our partner for more than 10 years, has a factory just across the border on Belarusian territory. When the supplier proposed to make some of our items in this facility, we – according to our due diligence procedures for all potential factories - visited it before production was launched. We found it was in line with our high quality standards and that the human rights of workers were respected.

After the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine and the choice of Belarus to support the Russian invasion, we decided, in agreement with our partner to move the entire production of our garments to Lithuania. In spite of this decision, in the coming months there will be items labelled "Made in Belarus" in our shops and in the warehouse, because part of our collection had already been produced and delivered beforehand. 

Aware of the possible difficulties and problems, we decided to immediately stop production in Belarus. At the same time, we believe it is sound to sell and deliver the garments that had been produced and placed in our warehouses prior to the conflict, to honour the commitments we had acquired with our customers and to prevent environmental damage. We are convinced that transparency, especially in difficult situations like the current one, demonstrate our coherence with actions, and we are available for any further doubts and queries.

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