Fair Wear Foundation
Award for our Brands.

For the third year in a row, our brands Salewa, Dynafit and Wild Country have been awarded with the leader status.


Since 2013, we are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, which is an independent organisation specialized in monitoring and improving working conditions in textile factories. Fair Wear helps us with local monitoring and ensures that human rights are respected within the supply chain. They also check that we as a company are walking our talk. These checks, so-called "Brand Performance Check", are conducted yearly, whereby the performance and progress are evaluated through clearly defined criteria.

Fair Wear Foundation investigates the brands and awards a status, which could go from "suspended", "in need of improvement", "good" to "leader". The hard work of our brands has paid off for the third time in a row and again we have been awarded with the "leader" status. According to Fair Wear, the "leader" status is forseen for companies, who "perform extraordinarily good and work on an advanced level". This award is the outcome of our joint efforts and a strong awareness of people and the environment.

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