We_ar* Nature – Salewa reinterprets trekking with new collection for Spring/ Summer 2024
The South Tyrolean mountain sports brand’s new ‘Puez’ trekking product line is all about design and aesthetics. It consciously addresses the demands of a new generation, who move freely between urban and outdoor worlds.

With the launch of its new ‘Puez’ trekking collection for Spring/ Summer 2024, South Tyrolean mountain sports brand Salewa is introducing a new product line that is at home in both urban and mountain environments. The collection is aimed primarily at a new, younger generation that has its own distinct requirements, approach to style, and way of moving through nature and the mountains. This sets it apart from classic mountaineers. We live in a time of rapid transformation: information revolution, constant interaction, communication, and consumption. Yet at the same time, we are witnessing a counter trend: more and more young people feel drawn to the mountains and nature in their free time. They are searching for places and moments for downtime– away from the frenetic pace and hectic rush of everyday life with 24/7 smartphone coverage. Where they can spend time with friends and like-minded individuals, or simply find a way back to themselves.

The new Salewa trekking collection is engineered in the Dolomites, crafted from natural fibres, and at home in nature. Anytime, anywhere.

We_ar* Nature

Each product in Salewa’s innovative trekking collection is designed to allow us to experience nature wherever we find it. Whether in the mountains, woodlands and deserts, or more urban contexts. This is why this collection stands for both “Wear Nature” and “We Are Nature”. We identify with nature wherever we are, from our home in the Dolomites to wild and natural areas all over the world. This is the inspiration behind the newly interpreted Salewa ‘Puez’ trekking collection

We wanted to create something particularly fresh and new, that differentiates itself from traditional trekking equipment and to deepen Salewa’s approach to this activity. It’s characterised by a strong aesthetic and modern design with a lifestyle look inspired by the urban scene. Nevertheless, at the same time all the styles are built to ensure functionality and adaptability in wild, natural and mountain environments. The earthy colours and natural fibres reflect the strong connection to nature that underpin both the collection and the brand.

Leonardo Fumagalli
Design Coordinator Apparel bei Salewa

Salewa reinforces this connection between urban trends and sustainable, resource-saving approaches by deploying its proprietary fabric Alpine Hemp. In addition to hemp, the apparel styles in the collection feature further natural and sustainable fibres, such as merino wool or the newly introduced, bio-based Sorona® polymer fibres in combination with synthetic yarns. The result is a unique long-lasting softness next to skin and thermoregulating comfort. The new trekking collection from Salewa is based on three main pillars: 

Nature Tech: Using natural and sustainable fibres in combination with technical materials 

Experience shaped: Offering innovative, user-based solutions for maximum usability and easy handling 

Future proof: Progressive designs with outstanding details and long-lasting durability

What are the nature tech fabrics Alpine Hemp and Sorona®?

Hemp is a natural talent. It offers natural performance, is tear resistant, highly durable, soft, breathable and thermoregulating. With Alpine Hemp, Salewa has developed a natural hybrid fabric and deployed it extensively in various collections over the years due to its ideal characteristics for outdoor use. By blending hemp with synthetic yarns, like recycled polyester, and organic cotton or elastane, it’s possible to create robust, yet soft and stretchy fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. 

For its new trekking collection, Salewa is taking this a step further. For the first time, its jackets and pants benefit from a hybrid woven construction that blends hemp with bio-based Sorona® polymer fibres made partially from corn starch. This gives the hemp additional, natural stretch properties. And does away with the need for elastane. The resulting  blended fabric offers long-lasting enhanced softness and thermoregulating comfort, while Durastretch panels provide additional abrasion resistance and additional stretch performance.

The entire collection bears the Salewa Committed icon and was manufactured according to additionally strict and independently audited environmental and social responsibility standards



The Puez Hemp Durastretch 2/1 Hybrid Jacket is a multi-functional, breathable, and rugged trekking jacket built with sustainable Alpine Hemp. Its construction is designed to provide functional versatility in wild, natural environments, yet won’t look out of place in more urban settings. With its progressive design and hybrid main fabric composed of Alpine Hemp and Sorona®, this jacket is a natural softshell built to keep you comfortable on trekking tours in varied terrain and changing conditions or during urban exploration.

RRP: 200 euros 



Whether intensive mountain hiking or urban exploration, the Puez Hemp Durastretch 2/1 Hybrid Pant is a functional solution for summer trekking with its soft, robust, wind-resistant, and breathable materials. Built to ensure adaptability in natural environments and urban scenarios. Its Alpine Hemp main fabric offers natural cooling properties, while the hybrid woven construction blends in bio-based Sorona® polymer fibres for additional versatility and easy-care qualities. At critical wear zones, there are Durastretch panels to provide additional abrasion resistance and stretch performance.

RRP: 170 euros



The new Puez 40+5 L Backpack is a large, modern pack that covers a wide spectrum of trekking scenarios – from multi-day trips in the Dolomites to mountain ranges the world over. Its highly robust construction is based on a unique, progressive, and multifunctional design. Its roll-top opening and deep offset Infinity Zip with double zip pullers allows quick and easy front, side, and  bottom access to all sections of the main compartment, including to elusive items  that might be buried at the bottom of your pack. In addition, the roll-top also gives you an extra five litres of extended storage space on longer trips. 
“The new Puez backpack is a great example of how to combine functionality and aesthetic design. We aimed to build a versatile, 
comfortable pack with the features for trekking tours that also works well in more urban, everyday contexts. At the heart of its 
construction is its Dry Back carrying system that gives a better fit and offers a more stable carry"
 explains Alessio Innocente, Product Manager Technical Equipment Salewa.

RRP: 190 euros 




The Puez Knit Mid Powertex trekking boot is designed to provide a smooth roll-off and long-lasting comfort for short and extensive mountain hikes on rugged trails and varied terrain, yet is also suitable for urban deployment. This is the first Salewa shoe made with Alpine Hemp. Its midsole contains recycled hemp fabric waste to reduce the amount of EVA and subsequent microplastic  abrasion for more sustainability, without making sacrifices on performance. The same concept is applied to the sustainable shoelaces, by combining Alpine Hemp with recycled polyester.

RRP: 250 euros 


Salewa is passionate about mountain sports – ambitious alpinism and the mountain experience. Founded in Munich in 1935, the 
management-led, family-owned company is now located in the Dolomites of South Tyrol. Based at its headquarters in Bolzano, the 
company develops technical products that combine traditional materials and progressive design. Salewa is committed to high 
environmental and social standards and rooted in regional identity, quality, and integrity. Consistently striving to find new ways to 
build better, game-changing equipment, the brand has a unique understanding of mountain sports. Progressive mountaineering is 
about more than just performance, it encompasses an appreciation of the natural world and individual and shared experiences in 
the mountains. Salewa is a leading international manufacturer of mountain sports equipment with innovative products in four 
product categories: Apparel, Footwear, Equipment and Technical Hardware.