Oberalp Christmas Time
760 employees celebrate together

This year, the Oberalp Group celebrated the biggest Christmas party the company has ever had. With a lot of creativity and great commitment, the company has come up with something special to be close to its employees worldwide. As a result, the entire Oberalp team, together with their families, or friends, was invited to Christmas Time on December 18. Everyone celebrated at home joining together in spirit.  

Festive Christmas decorations, atmospheric candlelight, a delicious Christmas menu, a celebratory speech by President Heiner Oberrauch, a personal letter from CEO Christoph Engl, Christmas melodies as well as personal closeness, was also a part of the Oberalp Group's Christmas party this year - only in a modified form.


Time for leisure or a good deed

All employees were allowed to leave the workplace at 4:00 p.m. to spend the " given time" as they wished and to put it to good use. According to the motto "Do good, good things come back", employees were free to do whatever they felt like during the so-called "Oberalp Christmas Time". The company had creative suggestions for this: writing a handwritten card, supporting those in need on the street, trying something new ...

It is a great need for us to be close to our employees again this year. As a sign of appreciation and gratitude, we have therefore put a lot of thought into spending this special evening together.

Joint Christmas gift giving

After that, the gift packages that have been lovingly filled and artfully wrapped over the past few days were opened to finally set the festive table. The packages contained all the ingredients for a successful Oberalp Christmas dinner (for four people), as well as candles, candle holders, napkins, a chain of lights, decorative ribbons and decorative cards.  

 The packages also included a lovingly designed instruction manual, with a QR code that led to a specially designed homepage. There, employees were able to watch Heiner Oberrauch's Christmas message, read CEO Christoph Engl's Christmas letter, and listen to two songs which the Oberalp employees had specially recorded and that invited everyone to sing along. An extraordinary Christmas that succeeded all around, despite the special circumstances. Notwithstanding the physical distance, it was possible to arrange a festive togetherness, just as it should be at Oberalp.