We promote fair factories
We promote safe and fair working conditions by empowering workers and creating solid relationships with our partners.

A main priority at Oberalp is the health and wellbeing of everyone who makes our products - not just our own employees. We dedicate a lot of effort and resources with the goal to make garment production more fair and equal worldwide. 




Our social responsibility
Sustainability also means behaving ethically towards all workers at every stage of the supply chain.

Where we produce

We work with the best factories, in countries that have production expertise. In 2019, we worked with 87 factories across 20 countries. We produce our bindings, skis, ski boots, skins and some of our technical hardware products - like via ferrata sets and ropes - in Europe. This is because the technical expertise and know-how is still based in Europe. Most of our apparel is produced in Asia. The center of global know-how and cutting and sewing expertise is currently located there, including some of the most efficient production partners. But this means many of our factories are far away from us, making it harder for us to monitor each step of the process. Achieving fair working conditions in these factories means we have to pick the best partners and work with them to help them reach our high standard of working conditions.

Improving working conditions

Our code of conduct tells the world how we work as a company and the standards we stand by. ALL our suppliers have to sign and commit to it. 

Back in 2013, we chose to partner with the most rigorous labor conditions expert in textiles that we know of: Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). This helps us ensure that we’re always putting the wellbeing of our people first. FWF is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to improve labor conditions in the textile industry. It performs and shares research on workplace-related issues, provides a platform for open exchange of information with other brands and stakeholders, and has available local teams who carry out worker trainings, seminars, and audits. After each factory audit, a corrective action plan (CAP) is made and shared with management, and a timeline for improvements is set and shared with us. Another important part of FWF's work is to help us handle worker complaints.

Partnering with FWF is a big commitment. They don’t just audit our factories – they also verify that we walk our talk through the yearly Brand Performance Check. Through this check, they review our work to see whether we're implementing our code of conduct in an effective way. They assess our internal organization and processes, our approach and handling of the year's main events, worker complaints and audits, and give us a rating in a report which is published on their website. Read the results in our latest Brand Performance Check.

We have lots of procedures in place to keep our workers safe and satisfied. This diagram explains how we work with Fair Wear Foundation to do it.

In 2022, Salewa, Wild Country, and Dynafit were awarded the highest distinction, "Leader" status, by FWF for the sixth time in a row. The latest member of the Oberalp Group, LaMunt, a premium mountain sports brand by women for women, also joined as a "Leader" for the second year since it was founded. It’s only given to brands who are “doing exceptionally well and operating at an advanced level” and “showing best-practices on complex issues”. This tells us we’re going in the right direction.

FWF’s requirements get higher every year, and we’re continually being challenged to try harder. It's tough, but that's also what we like about them.

For more info visit www.fairwear.org

For more information, please read our Social Report 2021.

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