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About us

The Oberalp Group is a family-owned company, which is active in the textile sector since five generations. The know-how and the passion for high-quality textile products were the origins on which Anton Oberrauch founded the company in 1846. 

The Oberalp Group was founded in 1981 by Heiner Oberrauch and employs currently almost 600 people. Beside the development and production of mountain sporting goods, the Oberalp Group is also active in the retail, wholesale and distribution of general sporting goods brands.

In 1990 Oberalp took over the SALEWA, which is based in Munich. The brand SALEWA nowadays is the European multi specialist leader for mountain sporting goods, which also increased its market share in Asia, the United States and other key regions. Thanks to experiences gained during numerous expeditions and ascents the brand offers highly innovative, functional and qualitative products for passionate alpine sportsmen. In order to complete the range of products for the mountain sporting goods sector, beside SALEWA, in the course of time the acquisitions of the brands DYNAFIT, POMOCA and WILD COUNTRY followed.

DYNAFIT is a point of reference for passionate alpinists, who are searching for highly technical products. This young and innovative mountain brand focuses on lightness, velocity, performance and technology.

POMOCA is global leader in the production of ski skins and works especially in the OEM ski industry business.

WILD COUNTRY is an insider brand for climber and the inventor of the legendary “friends”.

Furthermore, Oberalp distributes well-known brands in various countries. As “Brand Expert” and thanks to a competent and expert team, Oberalp manages the distribution of international brands in various markets. The success factor of the company is based on a close co-operation with athletes, journalists, blogger, as well as a loyal group of dealer contacts. From this 360° brand building mentality numerous partnerships resulted, that include well-known brands like UNDER ARMOUR, SPEEDO, SPYDER, FISCHER, SMITH and others.

As a family-owned company that operates based on experiences gained in the course of five generations of activity Oberalp incentives a working climate characterized by mutual trust and individual motivation. The courage to follow new paths, the continuous innovation of products and processes, the thoughtful usage of resources and the environment, and especially the unbounded passion for sport and mountains, are the fundaments on which the organizational culture lived in Oberalp is based.


Oberalp was founded in 1981 by Heiner Oberrauch with the object to develop foreign high quality sports clothing and equipment brands into the Italian market.

  • 1981 – Co-operation start with LÖFFLER (Distributed Italy)
  • 1984 – The first brand developed in Italy by Oberalp were LUTHA and SALEWA
  • 1990 – Oberalp took over the SALEWA group in Munich - Germany
  • 1995 – Co-operation start with F2 (Textile license for development and production)
  • 1997 – Co-operation start with TEVA (Distributed Italy)
  • 1999 – Co-operation start with MERRELL (Distributed Germany)
  • 1999 – Oberalp took over SILVRETTA, the historical ski touring binding brand
  • 2000 – Co-operation start with JP Australia (Distributed Italy)
  • 2001 – Co-operation start with TIMEZONE and GAASTRA (Distributed Italy)
  • 2003 – Oberalp took over DYNAFIT, the most important brand in the ski touring sector in the World
  • 2005 – Co-operation start with ICEPEAK and BARTS (Distributed Italy)
  • 2007 – Co-operation start with SPEEDO, the world leading swim brand (Distributed Italy)
  • 2007 – Co-operation start with AERON, the world most advanced boom (Distributed Italy)
  • 2009 – Co-operation start with RIP CURL, the ultimate surfing company (Distributed Italy)
  • 2010 – SALEWA and DYNAFIT are leaders in Europe in the alpine sector and Oberalp is the most important company in the sport sector in Italy
  • 2011 – Opening new HeadQuarter Oberalp in Bolzano, Italy
  • 2011 – Co-operation start with ROECKL, the gloves specialist (Distributed Italy)
  • 2011 – Oberalp took over Pomoca, the ski skin manufactur
  • 2012 – Oberalp took over Wild Country, the inventor of climbing “Friend”
  • 2012 – Co-operation with SILVA (Distributed Germany)
  • 2012 – Co-operation with BRIKO (Distributed Austria)
  • 2013 – Co-operation start with FISCHER (Distributed Italy)
  • 2013 – Co-operation start with ION (Distributed Italy)
  • 2013 – Co-operation start with SPEEDO (Distributed Austria and Germany)
  • 2013 – Foundation of Oberalp Germany and Austria
  • 2014 - Co-operation with SILVA (Distributed Italy)
  • 2015 - Co-operation with SPYDER (Distributed Italy)
  • 2016 - Co-operation with UNDER ARMOUR (Distributed Italy)
  • 2017 - Co-operation with SMITH (Distributed Italy)
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